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How Attorney Nina Kallen Can Help You

When you’ve been injured or treated unfairly, you need an attorney like Nina Kallen on your side. Committed to you. Experienced. A winning track record.

Attorney Kallen’s practice areas include insurance coverage and bad faith claims, personal injury law, and general civil litigation. She can help you with a one-time consult, pre-lawsuit investigation and negotiation, lawsuits, and appeals.

A Record of Success

Attorney Kallen has a winning track record. The following is a representative sample of cases she resolved recently:

  • A client’s car had been stolen. The insurer investigated the claim for fraud. The client came to Attorney Kallen almost four years after the theft because the insurer had made no decision about whether or not to pay the claim. Attorney Kallen was able to discover that the insurer had determined nearly three years earlier that no fraud had occurred, but had still failed to pay the claim. She sued for breach of contract and bad faith settlement practices. Immediately after filing suit she served a motion for partial summary judgment on the bad faith claim, arguing that the court should determine without trial that the insurer was liable for bad faith settlement practices. The insurer settled shortly after for almost three times the value of the car.
  • A client was injured when a car hit him while he was riding his bicycle. Although the client missed several months of work due to his serious injuries, his employer continued to pay him his full salary. The insurer for the at-fault driver insisted that a settlement must take into account that the client did not lose wages. Attorney Kallen sent a demand letter under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act showing that the insurer was acting in bad faith in using lost wages rather than loss of earning capacity as the measure of damages. The insurer immediately settled for the full policy limit, which was three times its previous offer.
  • A client’s house was damaged in a tornado. The client’s homeowner’s insurer low-balled the damages, asserting that the cost to repair the house was $155,000. Attorney Kallen represented the clients at an arbitration called a reference proceeding. After a four day proceeding the referees awarded Attorney Kallen’s clients $325,000.
  • A client’s summer home was damaged when water pipes froze and burst. The client initially believed and reported to her homeowner’s insurer that she had turned the heat in the house down low for the winter. The insurer denied the claim, asserting that the client had caused the damage by providing insufficient heat to the house. Attorney Kallen found an expert in the client’s type of heating system and was able to show both the client and the insurer that the client had forgotten to turn the heat down and that the loss of heat was actually caused by a defect in the heating system. The insurer agreed to cover the loss.
Committed to You

Attorney Kallen is committed to giving each of her clients their best chance of victory. She will fight hard for you every step of the way.


At the beginning of any case Attorney Kallen will give you an honest evaluation of your chances of meeting your litigation goals, and she will keep you informed during every step of any changes to her evaluation.

Personal Attention

As a solo practitioner Attorney Kallen takes personal responsibility for each of her cases. She makes all litigation decisions in consultation with her clients. In addition, to be certain you always receive timely assistance, Attorney Kallen has standing relationships with on-call experienced attorneys to whom she can assign work if necessary, but maintains personal oversight and full control of your case in all circumstances.


Attorney Kallen has over twenty years of successful experience in civil litigation. After graduating from Yale University and Northeastern University School Of Law, she completed a clerkship with the Massachusetts Superior Court, during which she assisted judges in deciding the outcome of dozens of lawsuits. For the next six years she was a litigator with two law firms, Neville & Kelley and Boyle & Morrissey. She had exclusive responsibility for hundreds of cases ranging from automobile accidents and slips and falls to construction defect cases and insurance coverage matters.

Attorney Kallen opened her own practice in 2002. She represents clients in civil litigation and has an especial expertise in insurance coverage and insurance bad faith issues.

Practice Areas

for clients

for clients
When you’ve been injured or treated unfairly, you need an attorney like Nina Kallen on your side. Committed to you.

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Attorney Kallen has extensive experience in insurance coverage issues, both within Massachusetts and nationally. She has...

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You have four depositions and a pretrial conference this week. Two new cases have landed on your desk. Friday is your...
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